Introducing our new Austin Family Chiropractic / Springfield Foxes portable sideline chiropractic adjusting table!

We (Todd W. Austin, a Virden, IL Chiropractic Physician & Eugena B. Austin, a
Licensed Massage Therapist, both from Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden), will
be helping out on the sidelines this season with the Springfield Foxes.  The
Foxes are a semi-pro football team which just began it’s 2nd season of play
during the summer of 2011.


The team won it’s division in 2010 while playing home games at Rotary Park in Springfield, IL.  The Foxes will have a change of scenery this year, as their home will be the South Fork High School Field in Kincaid, IL.

I’m a 1993 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, MO.  Eugena and I have practiced at Austin Family Chiropractic on the West side of the Virden Square
since 1996.  I’m an Associate Member of the Professional Football
Chiropractic Society.

I recently purchased a custom portable sideline chiropractic adjusting table from the Narson Table Company in Florida.  The table which was personally hand-crafted by Bob Narson displays both the Austin Family Chiropractic logo as well as the Springfield Foxes logo.  The table folds up, can be carried like a suitcase and weighs only 39 pounds!

In their home opener, The Foxes defeated the Mid-State Steel on Saturday
7-16-11 by a 9-6 score.  Their next home contest will be on Saturday July 30,
2011 at 7 PM.

I’ve treated a fair amount of athletes in my chiropractic practice over the years.  I’m very well versed in both spinal and extremity (shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists, feet & ankles) adjusting techniques.  At Austin Family Chiropractic, they have also been using state-of-the-art cold laser or low level laser therapy to speed up the healing process for many tough shoulder and knee issues since 2005.

One of the items on my personal bucket list, dating back to 1990 as a chiropractic college student, had always been to serve as the official sideline D.C. for a football team.  Maybe this serves as proof that good things come to those who wait.


5 thoughts on “Introducing our new Austin Family Chiropractic / Springfield Foxes portable sideline chiropractic adjusting table!

    • Recently I took my 21 month old daughter Natalie to see Dr Mark Smith who has been my mother’s chiropractor for just over a year. I was concerned that Natalie appeared to be having trouble walking straight. She appeared very stiff and bent over while walking. After the treatment I was thrilled to see that her posture improved significantly and Natalie went from being very bent over to almost straight. Natalie is now walking around and climbing so much more since the treatment. I wish to give Dr Smith a big thank you. – Sarah

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