The Springfield Foxes are back and ready for the 2012 season.

The new and improved Foxes are back and ready to roll for the summer of 2012.  On Saturday 6-30-12, the guys hosted the Chi-Town Blaze at the home of the South Fork High School Ponies in Kincaid, IL.

The final score was Springfield Foxes 35, Chi-Town Blaze 6.  Your Foxes ran off 157 yards on the ground and threw for 222 in the air.  The “D” also hauled in 2 interceptions.

The season opener will be on July 14th at the Mid-State Steel in Tremont (near Peoria, IL).

Please plan to attend the home opener on Saturday 7-21-12 in Kincaid at 7 PM vs the 2-time defending MSFL Champions known as the Roscoe Rush.







Springfield Foxes outscore opponents 92-0 in final 2 games. The 2011 season finishes on a high note!

Please allow me to catch you up to speed on the happenings over the past month of your Springfield Foxes.  For those of you that don’t know…. I’m the team Doctor of Chiropractic while my wife serves as the team’s Licensed Massage Therapist.

The Springfield Foxes took it on the chin from the then undefeated Indiana Generals in Indianapolis by a score of 40-0 back on August 20, 2011.  [I don’t know any specifics as I don’t travel with the team to road contests.]  With the Foxes falling to 2-4, it would have been easy to just throw in the towel and declare the 2011 campaign a complete disappointment.  But not these SPRINGFIELD FOXES!

The resilient bunch of Foxes regrouped in a big way!  Yes, they took it to the Plowmen in Kankakee on August 27th, by a score of 30-0, remaining in playoff contention.

The team had a bye week over the Labor Day weekend.  However some of the Foxes did find time for a football card signing session at the Springfield Old Navy on Saturday, 9-3-11 as well as being involved with the Kincaid Labor Day festivities on 9-5-11.

Then it was time for the season finale before our home fans last night, 9-10-11.  The Foxes hosted the Lake County Steelers.  The weather was perfect.  A special guest was even in attendance, Mr. Winston Taylor.  Winston is a U of I alum who played two seasons in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins.  He is currently running for state office.

The guys kept Eugena and I busy for approximately 1 hour leading up to game time.  We performed a lot of taping and biofreezing.  Gena performed some lower back, calf & hammy massages, while I primarily adjusted low backs, sacro-iliac joints, wrists, ankles and knees.  I also did some cold lasering as well.

We got busy again at halftime and in the 3rd quarter doing mainly hamstring stretching, biofreezing and performing low back adjustments along with hammy & calf massages.

This was actually the first game that we handed out NO icepacks.  These guys were ready to rumble and were clicking on all cylinders from the get go.  They opened up a 21-0 lead with 5 minutes remaining in the 1st quarter.  What can I say, ever bounce just seemed to go our Foxes way during this one.  I sort of felt bad for the other team, as only 16 players made the trip from IN.  The Foxes fielded 25 players that dressed.

In the end, the Foxes laid the law down with a solid 62-0 victory.  The game was special for 2 particular players that I know of on the defense.  Both #77 Eric Vollbracht & #70 Jason Kirkendoll will be hanging up their cleats, retiring as semi-pro football players and thinking about moving into coaching with the 2012 season.  It was extra special for #70 as he was playing his final game as a player on the same field where he began his high school football career as a Kincaid South Fork Pony.  Congrats to all of the Foxes for ending the season by outscoring their opponents 92-0 over the final 4 halves of football.

Unfortunately, a couple of hours later, we found out that the Mid State Steel (the team we defeated in Week # 1) laid claim to the final playoff spot.  Thus the Foxes had been eliminated.  It’s a good thing for the rest of the league, as the Foxes had truly found their mojo and probably would have made some noise in the postseason!

It was a fun year and a great experience.  Eugena and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the players and providing our chiropractic and massage services on the sidelines.  And we count our blessings that neither our Foxes players or their opponents  experienced any major (emergency situation) on-the-field injuries during any of our 2011 home contests.  Although we’d like to give kudos to the Kincaid EMT crew that attended all 4 home contests just in case their life-saving services would be needed.

Until next year,

Todd W. Austin, D.C.












We stayed pretty busy before, during & even after a gut-wrenching Foxes loss to the Chicago Thunder on Saturday night.

Eugena and I stayed very busy on the sidelines during Saturday night’s barn burner between the visiting Chicago Thunder and your Springfield Foxes.  As did we before and after the contest as well.

The rains and storms rolled in and moved back out just in time to make the weather conditions perfect for gametime.  The first 2 home games, we had heat indexes in the ’90’s, which means that we had players sweating all over us and our equipment.  It goes along with the territory, but for a clean freak like myself, it’s a bit gross.  For example when I perform a ball & socket joint shoulder adjustment, the patient’s upper arm is resting against my chest (ie, touching my shirt).  Anyway, the gametime temp was about 70 degrees which equates to much less sweating and absolutely no profuse sweating!  Hey, that’s kind of comparable to the 70 degree temps in our clinic.  Woo Hoo!

Dr. Todd helps to stretch out a tight hamstring tendon in the early 4th quarter.

Dr. Austin helps to stretch out a tight hamstring tendon in the early 4th quarter.

Eugena stayed busiest this game working on lower backs and hamstrings.  While yours truly stayed busy adjusting lower backs and sacro-iliac joints (pelvis area) as well as examing, adjusting & lasering shoulders.  The Biofreeze spray was a hit with the players and fans once again.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 18 years of chiropractic practice, it’s that ‘You can’t go wrong with BIOFREEZE.’

Dr. Todd performing cold laser therapy on a sprained shoulder muscle.Dr. Austin performing low level laser therapy on a Foxes player’s shoulder.

Sidelined Foxes Defensive player Eric Vollbracht # 77 did a wonderful job announcing the game from the broadcast booth.  Eric’s quick thinking and sense of humor kept fans, players and staff entertained early & often.

Overall, this was one monster of a game.  Unfortunately, the Foxes missed a few opportunities and left some points on the field.  The Foxes defense however came up with a tremendous goal line stand at one point which led to a turnover on downs.  The Foxes D also stood tall in the mid 4th quarter during a 20-20 tie.  The Thunder were in field goal range when the Foxes forced another turnover on downs.
Eugena even kept busy for a while after the game massaging fans!

Eugena even kept busy for a while after the game massaging fans!

But in the end, the Chicago Thunder came out on top after converting a 4th & 17 with under a minute left in regulation time.  A few plays later, Chicago found the endzone with :18 remaining to seal a hard-fought 26-20 victory over the Springfield Foxes.

The Foxes fell to 2-3 and will need to pick up a win on the road to pull back into the playoff hunt in the MSFL’s Eastern Division.  These guys are really only a few plays away from being 4-1.  Unfortunately, the last time I checked, being close only counts in horse shoes or hand grenades.  So hopefully some ‘road cooking’ will fire up the troops like it did last weekend in Madison, WI when they brought home a 52-7 victory!

Yes, the Foxes have 2 road contests coming up before the final home regular season game on September 10, 2011.  All of us associated with the Springfield Foxes are grateful for all of the support and are hoping that you can make it out to the stadium for that one.

Go Foxes!  You can do it.

– Dr. Todd

The Foxes took the Hawks behind the woodshed last weekend!

While I wasn’t there in Madison, WI (since Eugena & I only do home games), I hear it was quite a successful road trip for the Foxes. After giving up a first quarter punt return return TD to the Dane County squad, the Foxes turned on the butt-whoopin’ switch and went on to score the next 52 unanswered points. All of this with only a little over half of the Foxes roster making the trip up north.

The final score was Springfield 52, Dane County 7.

The Foxes will be hosting the Chicago Thunder this evening at 7 PM in Kincaid (South Fork). It will be breast cancer awareness night. I believe many of the players will be sporting pink socks. Any fan who shows up with pink on gets $1 off of the already reasonable price of admission.

Yours in health,

Todd W. Austin, D.C.

We Stayed busy on the sidelines during an epic battle between the Foxes & Rush!

If you missed the Springfield Foxes vs the Roscoe Rush on Saturday 7-30-11, then it’s your own fault! It was one heckuva battle! The Foxes put up a valiant effort, but in the end they fell just a bit short to the defending MSFL league champions.

Eugena giving a Springfield Fox a massage on the sidelines.

Eugena and I stayed very busy on the sidelines tending to necks, low backs, shoulders, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles and knees both before, during the contest and at halftime. With the heat index being 90 degrees +, it was quite a workout indeed! Sweat, sweat & more sweat!

During the halftime intermission, Eugena spent 10 minutes massaging a Defensive Back / Kick Returner who had been cramping up badly. Lo and behold, what a sight it was to see him return the opening kickoff all the way to the house for a touchdown and the Foxes first lead of the game at 21-20. You go, Eugena! Woot Woot!

All in all, it was a great game. Paying fans definitely got their money’s worth and then some, with a total of 76 points being scored.

Although the Rush defeated the Foxes by a 43 to 33 margin, the game was actually much closer than the score indicated.

The Foxes next home game will be on August 13th in Kincaid as they take on the Chicago Thunder. We hope to see you there. Go Foxes!

Foxes now 1-1. To face Roscoe Rush on Saturday 7-30-11 in Kincaid, IL @ 7 PM.

All I know is what I read on facebook, as Eugena & I only accompany the Foxes to home games.  And that is that our guys took it on the chin & lost a tough one by a 29-6 score up in New Lenox, IL (Chicagoland) to the Lincoln-Way Patriots.

If I know anything about our Springfield Foxes though, it’s that they’ll be ready & chompin’ at the bit to face a pretty solid Roscoe Rush squad that will come a callin’ on Saturday July 30, 2011 at 7 PM at the South Fork High School Field in Kincaid.  Be there or be square!

Dr. Todd


Introducing our new Austin Family Chiropractic / Springfield Foxes portable sideline chiropractic adjusting table!

We (Todd W. Austin, a Virden, IL Chiropractic Physician & Eugena B. Austin, a
Licensed Massage Therapist, both from Austin Family Chiropractic in Virden), will
be helping out on the sidelines this season with the Springfield Foxes.  The
Foxes are a semi-pro football team which just began it’s 2nd season of play
during the summer of 2011.


The team won it’s division in 2010 while playing home games at Rotary Park in Springfield, IL.  The Foxes will have a change of scenery this year, as their home will be the South Fork High School Field in Kincaid, IL.

I’m a 1993 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, MO.  Eugena and I have practiced at Austin Family Chiropractic on the West side of the Virden Square
since 1996.  I’m an Associate Member of the Professional Football
Chiropractic Society.

I recently purchased a custom portable sideline chiropractic adjusting table from the Narson Table Company in Florida.  The table which was personally hand-crafted by Bob Narson displays both the Austin Family Chiropractic logo as well as the Springfield Foxes logo.  The table folds up, can be carried like a suitcase and weighs only 39 pounds!

In their home opener, The Foxes defeated the Mid-State Steel on Saturday
7-16-11 by a 9-6 score.  Their next home contest will be on Saturday July 30,
2011 at 7 PM.

I’ve treated a fair amount of athletes in my chiropractic practice over the years.  I’m very well versed in both spinal and extremity (shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists, feet & ankles) adjusting techniques.  At Austin Family Chiropractic, they have also been using state-of-the-art cold laser or low level laser therapy to speed up the healing process for many tough shoulder and knee issues since 2005.

One of the items on my personal bucket list, dating back to 1990 as a chiropractic college student, had always been to serve as the official sideline D.C. for a football team.  Maybe this serves as proof that good things come to those who wait.